Materials i use in my jewellery/wearable art pieces

My work is made from a variety of different media high quality polymer clay, resin,  natural materials like wool felt, bone or antler, brass components, crystals, seed beads sterling silver and gold filled wire. Combinations of the media listed here are common in the pieces I make. All of my pieces are unique and most are one of a kind.


The hats I create are from a variety of sources - some are vintage wool felt which i clean thoroughly, steam and reshape by hand before adding bead work and/or painting or other embellishments. Others are vegan - acrylic/cotton material.  All hats should be stored carefully in a hat box or hung on a secure hook on a wall out of direct sunlight and humid conditions. I do not rainproof my hats.

Hats are not mean to be worn in the rain or excessively wet/humid conditions - exposure to these conditions may affect the the overall shape of the hat and condition of the embellishments etc. I do seal all painted work on my hats but they should not be subjected to conditions as stated above as they may degrade over time or become permanently damaged.

Stiffening or reshaping of wool felt hat brims MAY be accomplished but must be done CAREFULLY and APPROPRIATELY. This is a somewhat advanced process and I am not responsible for damage that occurs should it be undertaken with or without consult! EMAIL ME AND I CAN HELP.

Spot cleaning on hats can be accomplished with an appropriate hat cleaner you can purchase and care should be taken when accomplishing cleaning tasks. Dust and lint removal can be accomplished with a lint brush/remover OR hat brush. Always take your time and be GENTLE. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING CLEANING PRODUCTS ON PAINTED AREAS OF THE HATS. Using these products on painted or otherwise embellished surfaces will likely damage the piece and will also degrade the surface.

Please note I am not responsible for damage incurred to your items when  worn in damaging conditions and/or if cleaning tools/methods/products used incorrectly have caused damage. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS and I will help you determine the best way to keep your hat in great condition.

ALWAYS use care and be gentle when cleaning your hat and avoid vigorous attention and DO NOT RUB on the material, especially on embellishments/painted areas! If you have questions EMAIL ME and I will help where i can!

PLEASE. Keep in mind that these hats are pieces of ART and care should be taken. Proper care, wear and storage will keep your item in amazing shape and will last a long, long time!


How should I care for my earrings/jewellery?

Most earring components can be cleaned using a soft cloth or QTip and water. Any piece with a resin finish, painted surface, gloss or other finish (metallic, silver or gold leaf etc) should NEVER be cleaned with anything other than a soft cloth and water

DO NOT leave jewelry in direct sunlight for a prolonged period! Exposure to sunlight over long periods can affect the colour and in some cases affect the integrity of the piece. Store in the box provided with your purchase or in your choice of holder out of sunlight.

DO NOT keep your jewelry in your bath/shower area as humid conditions may also deteriorate your piece over time!

Take care and be GENTLE. When in doubt use only water and a soft cloth - AND BE GENTLE :) NEVER USE ABRASIVE CLEANSERS, SCENTED SOAPS or anything with a grit ON YOUR JEWELLERY - it will scratch and/or destroy the finish and or surface integrity of the piece.

Polymer clay, brass and other precious metals may discolour over time when coming in contact with water, skin, perfumes, essential oils, setting spray/hairspray and beauty products. A soft cloth, gentle rubbing and warm water using unscented liquid soap will clean up most surfaces safely.

Isopropyl alcohol on a Qtip works well to spot remove stains from polymer clay that does not have a surface treatment.

A splash of lemon juice in water and a Qtip on brass works well to remove tarnish. ALWAYS RINSE WELL and NEVER USE ABRASIVE cleaning products of any kind! These will ruin the surface treatment on your pieces!

PLEASE DO NOT bend your polymer clay pieces. I quality test all clay pieces but they are not meant to be treated this way and when bent or stretched excessively will become permanently damaged. I am not responsible for breakage or damage for pieces that are treated in this manner.

If treated with care and common sense your pieces will last years and years!

DO NOT wear beaded pieces in the pool, shower, bath, ocean, sauna or hot tub. Avoid sprays, oils and cosmetics on beaded pieces. Handle them gently when not being worn and avoid dropping them - seed beads ARE glass and may chip, crack or break during excessive rough handling. I provide a recycled jewellery box with all my pieces and I suggest that you store your piece safely when not in use! Thats what its for! :)


Wear your jewellery or hats in the shower, hot tub, steam room, sauna, pool or ocean. Most jewellery and hats should NOT be worn in any of the above because they are too harsh or involve chemicals like chlorine, salt or high heat conditions. I am not responsible for and will not refund pieces that have suffered damage, breakage or any structural problems/issues related to, or which occur from, wearing jewellery/hats in these places/conditions. While damage does happen, I can tell what normal/accidental/incidental breakage looks like. I will not refund, replace or exchange any item that is damaged under these conditions or due to excessive, careless and rough handling. Please treat your pieces with respect and care and they will last a long, long time. I reserve the right to determine the action that will be taken regarding damage to any piece.


All my items are handmade and may have very small or very slight variations in structure and finishing. These variations are often unavoidable in a non machine made environment - you may not even notice them that is how insignificant they are to the look and integrity of the piece. Just please note that these may occur and I do my very best to avoid them as much as possible but they still occur occasionally. Examples of these might be, and are not limited to - small pattern or colour variations, tiny bubbles in polymer clay, visible stitching or small gaps in bead work. These can often not be avoided or are simply inherent to the design. If you have any concerns or need more info i am happy to hear from you and answer relevant questions!

Do you do custom orders?

Currently, I am NOT taking on custom orders but will let you know as soon as time allows me to open up spots again. Please note: custom orders take longer and prices are subject to changes!


When will receive my order?

I always try my best to get orders out as quickly as possible. Handmade, slow design, style and fashion takes longer than mass produced, factory made inferior work. I hand make everything myself and am dedicated to high quality standards for my work - and this takes time. You can contact me directly via EMAIL ONLY please if you have concerns or questions.

I am a one woman show.
Processing times (the amount of time from when I get your order to when I mail it) on most orders is 1-5 business days.  Custom work is between one to three weeks, depending on the order. PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY VIA EMAIL if you have a request or concern.  I am pleased to do what i can to get your order out as quickly as possible but please keep in mind there are issues beyond  my control and issues i am not responsible for like Customs and Border Control delays. 
Orders at and around major holiday and festival times are often difficult to rush due to volume and extended postal times/shipping delays. If you want something for a specific date please contact me well in advance - I don't want you to be disappointed!!!
** CURRENTLY Covid 19 is affecting shipping times and efficiency to many areas including within Canada, to the USA and internationally. Please keep these things in mind when considering shipping times - these delays are not something i have control over and i am doing my best to make sure your items arrive safely and in as timely a manner as possible! I thank you for your understanding and patience!

Thanks for reading the FAQs!

If you have other queries or questions please feel free to contact me via EMAIL ONLY in the CONTACT SECTION . Ill get back to you as soon as i can :)